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With infloor radiant heat, there are no noisy fans blowing dust and allergens or drying out sinuses. Experience completely silent heat, improving indoor air quality while reducing the spread of airborne illnesses and incidents of asthma. Cold floors are a thing of the past, and energy is not wasted heating air that just rises to the ceiling. Use “zoning” to control the temperature room-by-room, saving energy and maximizing comfort for every occupant. Warmboard radiant heat makes all of this possible.

A typical radiant heated home in the United States can expect a 25% energy savings over a conventional forced air home. This 25% savings can be attributed to a number of factors including parasitic losses, lower ceiling temperatures, the ability to zone the home, and more. But Warmboard radiant heat, because of its superior conductivity, lowers water temperatures which maximizes your boiler’s efficiency, saving you even more money every year for the life of your home.